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The program is still under development, but exists as a detailed working model. We invite enquiries by clinicians who would like to offer their evaluation or advice. See Contact us

Our music system is ready for trial, available to therapists with MIDI experience.

TBI Refocus is a sheltered website, a user friendly, personalized, motivating computer portal for persons with brain injury, stroke or otherwise limited ability. It has been specially designed with the requirements of these individuals in mind, especially those living at home.

To assist the therapist, the program can accept downloaded exercises, manage their presentation and record scores and time-on task throughout the program as a HIPAA compliant progress report. A template is included to facilitate inserting a digital version of a TBI clientís memory book.

A telehealth pager links the client to a reminder calendar on their home computer by wifi, and can also forward internet messages from family or therapist, and provide them with alerts. Real-time contact is always possible. The pager provides large type and spoken messages.

A full music studio is included, starting with simplifying selecting and playing previously downloaded CDís. There is the equivalent of a childís xylophone and a touch screen multivoiced keyboard plus 9 drum pad sets that can be played by nose or eye movement. A 16 instrument track MIDI piano roll sequencer provides the potential to compose and record music, even one note at a time, if that is necessary. The music system is available for trial to therapists with MIDI experience, see: Contact us.

A version of the program is currently being revised with much larger letter sizes to accommodate the use of netbooks and pad reader devices.
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